Why Detox Drinks Do Not Work For Drug Tests

Detox Drink secrets exposed. When trying to pass a drug test, do not fall for these scams. Drug Detection Chart: drug-test-kit.com
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27 Responses to “Why Detox Drinks Do Not Work For Drug Tests”

  1. lonstar70 says:

    Yeah, one of these drinks worked for me when I was tokin up every day. I can’t recall what kind it was, but it was in 2006 or something. I have since quit smoking and don;t have to worry about being given a random anymore. Because if you are given a random, I don’t see how you can have the time to cleanse out. BEWARE OF SYNTHETIC URINE, though. I tried that and the lab called me back 4 days later and sad it wasn’t human urine. Now that’s pretty frikkin low to sell non-human urine.

  2. busaking1340 says:

    @irish164321 Worked for me too, 5+ times. DOT test on top of that. He fucked up, either way.
    Read the directions fool.

  3. Cit1zenP says:


  4. Cit1zenP says:

    i bought one called detox 72, its supposed to taked three days, i started last night and am already clean, your title is misleading.

  5. 420luisdavid420 says:

    has worked for me too!

  6. 2pacback2014 says:

    i have one of these total eclipse detox drinks in my hand now, thinkin bout chugin it down for this job. but i dot know if it would work

  7. 80TheH says:

    i got a drug and alcahole test tomorrow for new job, been a week since i had any, weight is 79 kgs at mo, been smashing body with cranbery tablets and ural powder as well up till two days before test,live in australia,got this stuff call magnum detox,from off yatree shop, sells heaps stuff each week reckon it works, meant to drink few hours before test, have couple wees etc, then all good, they reckon,some one know about this or can ya help,be great help,no longer smoke,kept war memories away

  8. sugarshizz401 says:

    lol. the detox masters worked everytime for me. but dont follow their instructions beleive it or not thats wat will make u fail. give urself a week and drink nothing but water. and add one of the detox the night before. worked perfect. never failed. passed 20 in a row

  9. LTDanno360 says:

    Niacin works every time!

  10. SkunkBud87 says:

    @dragunov3000 Did you smoke the day before? If you did, that’s why you failed.

  11. SkunkBud87 says:

    Now if you really wanna save some money, take an empty bottle of water, put jello mix it in, and fill it with water. Shake it up real good. Drink it an hour before you drop, and you’re in the clear. If you really wanna reinforce your chances, mix it with gatorade. make sure you drink a 5 hour energy or a red bull after wards. That way your piss will be solid yellow, clear piss won’t be acceptable. Worked for my friend when when he was on probation and it worked for me when i got DTed for work

  12. SkunkBud87 says:

    Detox drinks will only work if you use them the right way. The day before you drop, you must stop smoking and drink tons of water. You take the detox drink about 3-4 hours beforehand, piss a couple times beforehand, and then drop. Also, they technically don’t detox your system. It’s only made to give temporary results. It’s a masking agent. They’re only not gonna work if ur gonna be an idiot and get high the day before of day of, drink it, and think it will work.

  13. kottonmouthvids says:

    i am 250 pounds and i was on 5 years probation with a drug test almost every other month. i have passed on detox drinks but also i have failed. failed 1 time on a $100 triple money back drink and no i did not get the money back. best results for me is azo pills and dilution with water. peace

  14. Blasphemy4kidz says:

    I think you guys aren’t buying the right detox. I took a fat bong rip the night before a drug test and used a detox the next day and passed with flying colors. Just drink water the whole day and follow the directions.

  15. juggalocd says:

    then whyd you buy it… you also helped support something you thought didnt work…

  16. jADIEbABES04 says:

    just an fyi u can make homemade detoxes with all kinds of shit but the number one thing is water.. and not just water u get at home, but bottled water etc..

  17. jADIEbABES04 says:

    @Octobermadness1011 thats what im saying.

  18. BryanXX1234 says:

    @bimmerM3003 What masks it then?

  19. dragunov3000 says:

    This is so true. I just failed. I did it right by the instructions. I tested positive for Mary Jane. I wasted 50 bucks.

  20. TheGitfiddlekid says:

    I didn’t use this brand so I can’t give any reviews on this. But the detox drink I had worked; it’s called ‘Vale’. I smoked the day before my drug test, had the drink early the next morning and had the drug screening about four hours later and passed. Vale actually works, I don’t care what any one says. It’s never failed me or my bro in the past. If you guys can find it, get it! It lasts up to eight hours, and once you take it, no more worries!

  21. Octobermadness1011 says:

    They seriously need to legalize weed. This is ridiculous

  22. ganymedeIV4 says:

    these products worked for me in the past.

  23. TheDragonSeiryu says:

    @Joncingular Wow, you are calling stoners dumb but you can’t even spell the word “enough”. Why don’t you go back to school and stop being such an ignorant prejudice ass. I smoke marijuana and I’m a hell of a lots smarter then you.

  24. scribefbk says:

    masking drink not cleansing gnc guy said

  25. detredwings1363 says:

    Alright so if i havent smoked in like a month then i smoke like a gram to my self of kush. Then the next day i get drug tested by a home drug test and i drink a detox an hr before will i pass.

  26. detox body says:

    detox body…

    Why Detox Drinks Do Not Work For Drug Tests « Legal Bud…

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    Why Detox Drinks Do Not Work For Drug Tests « Legal Bud…