SuperNova Herbal Incense Review

I ordered this from I haven’t got high in years. People getting NolaGold have been telling me how SuperNova is the thing now. So I’m gonna test it out and see what it’s about. Customer Service said you can’t get a fresher pot anywhere else.

Review of Sweet Lucy Incense done by the HomeMade Toker! This stuff is my favorite incense blend right now. Product Page: Overall: 9/10 Very professional company and very high quality acetone-free product. Great, smooth product that has a great relaxation effect that generally lasts for a little bit more than an hour. I imagine the flavored blends are even better. Definitely worth trying out, this stuff is amazing.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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50 comments on “SuperNova Herbal Incense Review

  1. PulpPractical on said:

    “Just smoke it, Yo!”

    Half Baked.

  2. DGK612 on said:

    If you smoke this shit while listening to dubstep its tight as fuck i recomond datsik or lionshare- trip to feza

  3. oklar420 on said:

    Uhhh yea guy this shit doesnt smell like weed burn like weed or look like weed, idk what kinda weed you were smokin

  4. XLpancho on said:

    smoke some spice from a steamroller then have 911 on speed dial XD

  5. cyberwaffles on said:

    yeah bongs are nice to get a strong quick high, but you go through your stash a lot faster. i wouldn’t pitch weed if there’s a bong around and a whole bunch of people; lucky to even get a few hits. i hate it when mother fuckers hog most of the bowl.

  6. djenn434 on said:

    Advice from heavy incense smoker of 2+ years……..Stop now before your lungs are fucked like me and my friends…….your lungs will be shot within 4 years, probably have to be on oxygen…my friend will be lucky if he doesnt end up on it…he cant breath after a 30 foot walk, cant shower without getting worn out, and hasnt shit right in 2 years….DONT FUCK UP YOUR LIFE, walk away from this.

  7. BlazzedOn1 on said:

    I N C E N S E C A F E . C O M

  8. Ratius99 on said:

    Haha yo,get on 7H or Voodoo Nights,that shit is crazy,talk about bein BLOWED

  9. Pallarcola on said:

    You get fucking stupid from smoking those herbmixes. They’re sprouted with chemical shit you know.

  10. ceile6 on said:

    lol a fruity smell

  11. mateo02211 on said:

    Lol.” I dont do bongs”. haha

  12. stfuysa on said:

    LOL, I love you, CVause I feel it too

  13. mikegbassist on said:

    ‘we do as we please’

  14. LTDGuitars420 on said:

    Why do you use “da” for “the” two times. And then just use the? Man, will people even be peaking english in twenty years?

  15. bubu201bayone on said:

    k3 herb incense
    hello look at my incense
    by bubu201bayone |

  16. ronplunkett85 on said:

    “where’d my ash tray go…?”

  17. urbanlegends2fall on said:

    my man smoking joints its a hole lot better then bongs not as hard and fucks u up

  18. TeamCuLe on said:

    y not use da liter to lite da jont instead of the cigerate

  19. malace9111 on said:

    I’m 32 and have smoked weed for over 15 years until drug testing made it very difficult for my continued use. A guy I work with filled me in on this herbal incense that is way more potent than MJ and allows for a clean piss test. I started smoking Killa Skunk then decided to try a variety to see what works best for me. 1 month into daily use, I developed Pleurisy and landed myself in the er. Here is something to remember. MJ has NEVER made me feel like this sht does no matter how much i smoke.

  20. 4DUBstep69 on said:

    is this a joke? da fuck

  21. KoopaTruepa on said:

    all the websites out there are hiding information. They moderate and edit everything you have to say. Tell us your opinions, or your stories. We arent editing anything unless it directly violates ucoz TOS

  22. 44antman on said:

    @DexterrsDad some people do man, dont be so fucking ignorant…

  23. Immortalicast on said:

    @DexterrsDad some people can hallucinate from weed actualy

  24. HelloMyNameIsSalad on said:

    Ok i hate weed and I’m never gonna do it in my life cuz I think it’s stupid but is this weed or incense I’m confused

  25. MadBeAns01 on said:

    dude look at the mess you made just to roll a joint what a shit

  26. zaimon21 on said:

    u trippin off that u shoild smoke some wet or some chaotic! (:

  27. TebaggedAtBirth on said:

    seriously bro I smoked this stuff called 7H and it tasted like penguin shit.
    I need to know if the taste is similar to k2 summit , or k2 standard?

  28. softtacos on said:

    why do all pipes look like penis’s

  29. JamesProducesVideos on said:

    PLEASE don’t smoke to much of this stuff! I was a dumbass and smoked a shit ton and I was tripping out terribly for hours! The high is amazing with just a few pulls but to much leads to LSD like effects! ´╗┐My heart was pounding for hours as-well. The high you get with just a few pulls feels like the most expensive weed and its amazing! This is very very powerful incense! Just remember´╗┐ be safe with this!

  30. tiggxtreme on said:

    @MrHomeMadeToker Thanks for the info, good to know. Yea, I knew most of these ‘legal blends’ and ‘incense’ stuff is just random smoke-able plants with active ingredients (research chemicals) sprinkled on.

  31. MrHomeMadeToker on said:

    @tiggxtreme the most popular, legal synthetic chem that I know of is Am-2201. There are a few of different AM variants out there, but 2201 seems to be the most notable. Here’s a tip, if something is called “herbal incense” there’s most likely chems in it unless they explicitly say CONTAINS NO CHEMICALS. They might say “contains no banned substances” but that doesn’t necessarily mean there aren’t any chems. Hope this helps man!

  32. tiggxtreme on said:

    @MrHomeMadeToker Thanks for the response. After some searching, I think they may use synthetic cannabinoids that haven’t been banned along with other psychoactive stuff. I’m a bit wary of these ‘legal herbs’, but this seemed to be a lot more on base than what I read about most blends.

  33. MrHomeMadeToker on said:

    @tiggxtreme I cant say specifically JWH (I know they don’t use any of the banned chemicals, but they may use newer variants of existing chemicals. Basically, illegal substances = no, but they do contain chems)

  34. tiggxtreme on said:

    Do you know if this contains any schedule I cannabinoids like JWH? I gave this a try and was pleasantly surprised at the potency (was easily distinguishable from a marijuana high, but close enough in all the right ways). I’d like to confirm that this is sill contains no illegal ingredients.

  35. cheezynutsac on said:

    it lasts more then an hour after a burn session…nice
    how many burn sessions do you do in 1 day?
    and is it safe to do it back to back all day ?

  36. jaredross1 on said:


  37. delta9tetrakid on said:

    How do you get this stuff for free?

  38. MrHomeMadeToker on said:

    @TexasJBProductions Nah, I’m just an independent reviewer. After reviews of this stuff started popping up on youtube it has definitely gained a lot more popularity. It would definitely be a profitable business venture.

  39. TexasJBProductions on said:

    Are you a distributor? I was thinking about being a distributor but i dont know if i have the resources to do it.

  40. MrHomeMadeToker on said:

    @nick1987ization hempwick. look up my video about it

  41. nick1987ization on said:

    wtf did u lite

  42. nick1987ization on said:

    it kills ur ballz people

  43. mongrelpilot on said:

    @CelaMayne no i smoke it every day but you have to smoke the right kinds johnny clearwater and sweet lucy

  44. motorboyz92 on said:

    i would smoke that in one joint.

  45. CelaMayne on said:

    @MrHomeMadeToker That doesn’t answer my question brah. Im just asking if it will fuck with my lungs because I heard it makes them burn

  46. MrHomeMadeToker on said:

    @CelaMayne smoking is smoking, expect the usual consequences of smoking.

  47. CelaMayne on said:

    Okay so I just started getting drug tested so I’m thinking about experimenting with Herbal Incense. Is this what people call spice? and will it effect my lungs as an athlete because I play competitive sports everyday. Weed didn’t mess with my lungs

  48. MrHomeMadeToker on said:

    @CelaMayne I have a tutorial in my video about hemp wick if your interested. Best way I found to use it. Keep on toking man!

  49. CelaMayne on said:

    Wrapping the hemp wick around the lighter, what a good fucking idea.

  50. yayasquirrel on said:

    @forkedroad yeah the 1g bags still arent there. dont really care this shit sucks. Mr. Nice Guy makes a way better product.