Spice Herbal Incense For Sale, CHEAP! $5

My Website: www.ChrisSpice.net Am-2201 w Damiana Leaf. Perfect Ratio of chemical to herb. Aroma Burning in Blunts not recommended. Not For Human Consumption. ——————————————————————————————— Hi its chris here, and im excited to announce that i am selling Spice or Herbal Incense with 100% Damiana Leaf and Am-2201. This combination provides a great aroma. My Product is not for human consumption. You can purchase spice from me and save. Why go to the smoke shop, when i sell containers of spice for just .00. Enjoy my homemade quality product. Send me an email and ill let you smell some of my incense, you will not be disappointed. My Product is Legal in New Mexico Contact me for a wholesale price.

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21 Responses to “Spice Herbal Incense For Sale, CHEAP! $5”

  1. gav0monster says:

    Dude whats your deal bashing anything and everything ChrisSpice?! Do you have your own product or something, trying to shut this guy down? Good luck with that I buy from this guy and Ive never had problems and recommend this guy’s product to anyone! One’s argument may be about the security of the website, i think its garbage i buy from chris and have never had any problem and i dont worry about having any problems ordering from him.

  2. GoodnessGraciousGBOF says:

    Kommon, I do believe you’re a retard. This is the most unoriginal blend in the entire fucking universe. Chris, you suck and fail at life.

  3. KommonSenseEnt says:

    It’s hard to take criticisim seriously from someone who obviously doesn’t understand what it means to be an Atheist. I wasn’t beggin, you dumbass I was trying to get him business. but obviously you can’t wrap you wannabe atheisit mind around that one. Good luck moving out of you r mom’s basement and losing your virginity 🙂

  4. guccigirll15 says:

    I want sum email me @ kameran850@hotmail.com and well go from there buddy

  5. asgdss1992 says:

    how did you get the jwh and where do u get the stuff at im looking to buy the stuff i just dont know where to buy the jwh or the leaves for it help!!!!!!!!!! plz

  6. herbalsmokerb says:

    AM2201 Research Chemical Available
    Best Price/Will Price Match! Paypal ONLY!
    Contact beckyb1988ny(at)yahoo(dot)com
    Make Your Own Incense/Spice AM2201

  7. nildurx says:

    sunlight is killing AM and JWH …

  8. herbalsmokerb says:

    Looking for AM2201 research chem. Email : beckyb1988ny@yahoo.com
    Low Pricing! High Quality! Selling from 1g to 100g. Higher Quantity, Lower Pricing.
    Will Price Match with proof of pricing! Herbal Incense “Sky High” Available in Blueberry, Raspberry, Cotton Candy Flavors STRONG $10/2g!!! 5x Stronger then 018! Shipping with Tracking Info / Payment thru Paypal! Ships from US. No waiting for international shipping times! Email ASAP!

  9. cyberwaffles says:

    i can’t find the $5 deals on your website. i do see a pretty good deal for 2 grams for $8.99, although that is a limited time special offer.

  10. cyberwaffles says:

    don’t you just hate that? its like the government wants to be as much of an asshole as possible. why can’t we enjoy getting high when there are millions legally getting drunk and abusing their prescription meds? its splitting hairs. i’m glad some places still have it like colorado.

  11. AtheistsAreGODS says:

    fuck off with the begging, it’s so pathetic. It’s $5 dollars dude, take out a loan from the bank and stop being a lowlife.

  12. KommonSenseEnt says:

    Here’s. My email: r.artenian@gmail.com I am interested in buying but I’d like to try it first. Thx

  13. AtheistsAreGODS says:

    So… how is it that you’re selling federally banned, schedule 1 narcotics to the public?? JWH-018? Really? Is it just that you don’t give a fuck? I’m curious….

  14. tracymi100 says:

    anyone reading this don’t buy from mass herbs now dot com he will rip you off, get your money and send you nothing, then he will say he dont know who you are if he does email you back and you will never hear from him again.

  15. popiews1 says:

    Gotta try this, since the nitwitted inbreads here in Tennesse outlawed the legal weed in the smoke shops july 1st, 2001.

  16. erygion says:

    You have the fasting shipping ever

  17. davey818 says:

    shipping as incredibly fast to canada here i bought 2 grams of the AM 2201 with damania leaf from you, my question is how do you not charge for shipping? lol

  18. MetalxxxJoker says:

    You are the shit chris

  19. 4ourOne6ix says:

    Yo I smoked 2g of your am-2201 blend in one day that shit was fucking intense! I ordered another 4g dis morning I can’t wait to blaze up. Just curious what is your RC to damiana ratio?

  20. greenbayskater says:

    can you still buy off ebay? cuase they got banned in all the gas stations where i live they had to throw them out and people were getting handsfuls of spice packets out of the trash. but if did order it off ebay would it come in the mail?

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