scooby snax herbal kush review

very smooth incense definetly a good buy 8/10
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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23 Responses to “scooby snax herbal kush review”

  1. MultiMatt888 says:

    @indianapoliscolts2 bro you underestimated it and smoked too much your probably used to regular pot like me. But this shit is way stronger next time take it one hit after another spaced out a bit cause if you overdo it you feel exactly like that I did the same thing first time and freaked out.

  2. indianapoliscolts2 says:

    I smoked this stuff last nite and i almost died. no joke. dont do it.

  3. AbandonAllShips691 says:

    I’ve been a pothead for a long time now and when I hurd about scooby snax I just had to try it. Myself I’m a fan of it. Take a good hit from a bong and sit it down that’s really all you will need your not gonna feel high that min, but wait about 2-3 smoke you a cig and by god you will feel it then lol I enjoy the high I get, it takes me to the moon and back lol. But there’s nothing in the world like good ol Mary Jane 🙂

  4. herbalsmokerb says:

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  5. cyberwaffles says:

    @QueRiika you would get the exact same effects if you ate too many marijuana brownies. synthetic THC is multiple times stronger than regular weed, so its effects (both good and bad) are exaggerated. you need to find the right blend and smoke minimum amounts of it. the best incense i’ve had was new kron bomb. you can smoke blunts worth at a time with no bad effects and it makes you trip. some other stuff is deversion 2.0. gets you high and you can smoke a whole joint with no problems.

  6. cyberwaffles says:

    @mcliney only 20 minutes? thats a waste of time.  coke lasts longer than that.

  7. cyberwaffles says:

    lol i like the name of this blend.

  8. mcliney says:

    no fuckin way. Take 2 small hits or 1 big hit. youre good. for a good 20 minutes

  9. evilpoptart37 says:

    guys the rumors are fake as fuck, i’ve been smoking weed and spice ever since i was 14 im 17 now and i haven’t died now have i?

  10. QueRiika says:

    This shyt is so bad for u i been smokin it for few weeks i started getting horrable anxiety n panic attavks then it felt like my brain was melting and i was going half retarded it would come and go and my heart was racing like crazy must b the side affects becuz it jus started happening this week i keep sayin im stop smoking it but i still do i kno its horrable i felt like i was having a sezer/panice/anxiety/heart attack no lie.. Man im sticking to real bud

  11. zBlownn says:

    haha, dude prolly tryed to act cool on video but he was prolly already trippin. i smoked blunt that was half with scooby snax and half mad hatter and i was prettttttyyyyyyy fucked up. lol

  12. sydonabike says:


    and I’m not one of those, “get off dope” people either , it just kind of hit me the other day… “Why don’t ya go get some 211’s (beer)? …… Nahhh I’ve made it this far. …WAIT!!! I’ve actually NOT drank in a LONG time!!! ” 🙂 I like a challenge. That beer was what I worked myself down to and the incense was the final stop.  Now , even though “I can” go get the beer (cheap available) that’s just not enough. It would let me down.

  13. sydonabike says:


    Its weird. Since high school I used to drink cheap vodka straight out of the bottle. Ate them mushrooms. huffed that freon, air duster, ether, drinking robotussin, pot, pot, and more pot. different hard liquors. all at once at least part of every week, then its like i just started downsizing in my alcohol til I got to wild irish rose and then cheap beer. (211’s) (which is NOT wuss beer !) Then the incense…now its just all..gone. Back to business.

  14. sydonabike says:


    Nah I’ve been way around the block. I just got to sitting around the other day and thought, ‘I haven’t drank any beer in a long time!” (weeks) I mean, I’ve actually FORGOTTEN to go get the beer ! That used to be nearly an all the time thing ; or was getting to be almost. Then around july august or something I just started doing about 3 demon 1.5pouches a week , then other labels. now I’ve just gotten burned and actually feels GOOD being totally sober !

  15. xXxXBleedPurpleXxXx says:

    @sydonabike they helped me to get off the real stuff now i’m down to keeping a pouch around as needed if i find myself really craving the other, fact is i’m clean if something comes up at work, i dont drive on the stuff, so it is what it is. we all make choices and they are ours to make, if there are consequences we will learn, i just cant stand how ppl come on some of these vids specifically to bash it, gets on my nerves. i know you didn’t, but still, urks me.

  16. sydonabike says:

    Well…Incense got me to stop drinking.. ??? I dunno. I’m drug free all the way except for mt. dew because of this stuff. And if you start doing incense too hard then, you know…you get burned out. Good high, but too much all the time gets old. …But then that’s the therapy. 🙂 And my reason for stopping alcohol/drugs is actually at my own will ! I’ve just stopped because..well, there’s nothing else to do. Its all been done. but its nice to enjoy the simple things

  17. sydonabike says:

    actually it depends on how you’re doing the incense. (or pot) You can’t just go out downtown firing up some demon or whatever. Well, you can;but, if you get caught, that’s it. It says specifically in the pouch “not for human consumption”. Its not that they’re so worried about you getting whirly and goofy but what kind of risks you present as a publicly intoxicated person. If people would not be so bold with pot, they could have more freedom with it. That’s why I don’t encourage legalizing it.

  18. xXxXBleedPurpleXxXx says:

    @sydonabike hell of a lot better then going to jail or losing ones job.

  19. sydonabike says:


    …but it is real. ..its just not pot.

  20. gojimedia602 says:

    @AoMxGeNeSiS i think its one of the best. The feel is more like the real and a little better.

  21. gojimedia602 says:

    Good stuff i got my scooby snax from, they rock! Dude can you do a review on the Hindu Magic Herbal kush?

  22. AoMxGeNeSiS says:

    is it a good high?

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