Natural Hair Products: Africa’s Best Ultimate Herbal Oil

DANG!!!! I was sleeping on this product. Check out these ingredients: Soy Bean Oil , Walnut Seed Oil , Kiwi Fruit Extract , Olive Fruit Oil , Castor Seed Oil , Sesame Seed Oil , Jojoba Seed Oil , Carrot Seed Oil , Sweet Almond Oil , Tocopheryl Acetate , Safflower Oil , Calendula Extract ,…

check out these hair demonstrations at the nzuri natural hair health and beauty show. wow is all i have to say. wow!! wow!!
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29 comments on “Natural Hair Products: Africa’s Best Ultimate Herbal Oil

  1. ookamigirl245 on said:

    LOL I feel you. Every time I see a hair product, I always want to try it out. My mom uses this stuff, and it seems pretty natural. Is it good for natural 4c hair?

  2. jamlimited3 on said:

    I have a bottle of this that has some dark reddish brown gunk at the bottom on the inside. I dont know what it is or if its supposed to be there…any hints or recommendations? I havent used it since I noticed it.

  3. mikofujiify on said:

    I have a question does it help hair grow? im going thru some breakage right now and i was thinking of buying this product.

  4. evealexsis on said:

    I have just started using this today after my acv and baking soda wash on my locs. Then I put this in my hair and used a gold foil conditioning cap which I left on for 4 hours (deep treatment!) The results were fantastic!!! Soft beautiful healthy hair!

  5. kokosun2413 on said:

    just got this the other day and mixed it with my shea butter…goooood stuff!

  6. heynessa11 on said:

    Does it make ur hair grow??? Am not black (no raceses) thanks byyee(::!

  7. smsmerry247 on said:

    i love your video . can you get one of those for me please i was trying a long time ago but could not fine any in my country,great product thanks alot…….

  8. cRaZyA733 on said:

    does it make hair grow because bought it today for my scalp since my hair is in brads right now

  9. jema1ful on said:

    thanks for the vid.. i am using that too i like it.. got all the oils in 1so we dont have to by it the smell too..another good oil is hot six oil and doo grow oil blue 1.. it has all the oils in there no mineral no petroliem..i love it makes my hair grow pretty fast

  10. jema1ful on said:

    thanks for the vid.. ia m using that too i like it got all thw oils so we dont have to by it the smell too..another good oil is hot six oil and doo grow oil it has all the oils in there no mineral no petroliem..i love it makes my hair grow pretty fast

  11. xxMissxBxx on said:

    I said the same thing when I found this at the back of my mum’s wardrobe lol. I was like WHAT its got so much goodness and no parabens also.

  12. MsSuzette11 on said:

    I tried this stuff last summer,the time my hair gets really dry it kept it very soft and moisturised.very cheap but high quality.

  13. 1520sedgwick1 on said:

    Gotta go get some!!!….The Product Junkie in me is screaming ” Tee its affordable …so why not?”…as always I listen lol ..but the ingredients are a definate bonus so thanx!!! great vid.

  14. memebrady on said:

    i brought this oil the other day and i was surprise on the price. i make a spritz with it for my hair its great so far

  15. dawnabolical on said:

    love this product thanks for the review

  16. fleezy26 on said:

    i’ve been using this 4 year’s but omg they changed tha formula…… it’s good 4 relaxed hair 2 leaves so shinny and pretty.

  17. missp09able on said:

    Girl I said the same thing I’ve used this product in the past just because I liked it and how my hair smelt and felt. And I ran out of it after using it for a year. I was just going to buy another just cuz I like it but since I’ve decided to transition I actually look at ingredients now I was so shocked when I seen the ingredients. It was just something I used occasionally(had the bottle for 1 year)but now it will be a part of my nightly routine.

  18. SmittyKat on said:

    I’m white and while I was browsing the hair aisle at walmart and saw this in the african american hair section. I saw the ingredients too so I bought it and used it and it makes my hair feel AWESOME! Tames my flyaways and keeps my hair shiny and beautiful… so if any white people are watching this video, GO FOR IT! IT’S NOT JUST FOR EBONY HAIR!!!! woop woop!

  19. luvs2cover on said:

    got some thanks so much you are so real and funny lol. ONE

  20. Trustnotone74 on said:

    O yes this product is fabulous. I gave my daughter a hot oil treatment and her hair is simply amazing, I’ve used it for bathing and moisturizing purposes. Great product.

  21. MissNeisha2009 on said:

    my boyfriend just got this oil from Family Dollar for $2 for his dreads Im so about to use it for a hot oil treatment

  22. cierrantionette on said:

    I had the same excitement you did when I bought it a few weeks ago, ans I read the ingredients!!! I love it! And its funny cause I use to use it when I was relaxed and never knew it had all those nice natural oils and extracts in it ! My hair, skin, and scalp love it :)

  23. Anyarya on said:

    their entire line is awesome!!!

  24. YoB2009 on said:

    I love this oil too!!!

  25. AdamsRib84 on said:

    @KismetFreedom09 Oh really? My mom’s hair hates oil too. It makes her scalp itch like crazy. I feel you on it being a good skin moisturizer too. Girl I put this on my feet all the time… heels get a little “thirsty” if you know what I mean Lol=0

  26. chocolateisnatural on said:

    @ldyluv6988 glad you enjoyed!

  27. ldyluv6988 on said:

    very nice!

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