Legal Highs: K2 Spice, AK-47 X-Rated, Spice Gold – VooDoo Herbal Incense

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10 Responses to “Legal Highs: K2 Spice, AK-47 X-Rated, Spice Gold – VooDoo Herbal Incense”

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  3. strawberrycoffing says:

    anyone know what JWH type they use in ‘blue electric’ ? i’m trying to make something similar to save money but nothing i use feels remotely like it.

  4. ItsAllGucciWholesale says:

    Sounds to me like you guys should do a little bit more research about how it actually effects your cb1 and cb2 receptors,

    THC is a partial agonist, where as most of your new “legal” synthetic cannabinoids are full agonists.

    Research the difference, I have a video on my page where I talk about it.

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