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Review of Barely Legal Incense done by the HomeMadeToker! Product Page: barely-legal-incense.com Certain variants of JWH have been banned in the USA www.dosenation.com After seeing Mrniceguywholesale.com change their domain to barely-legal-incense.com, I wondered how good this product is considering they rearranged their site to focus on this. My first time I burned a small amount and had a REALLY bad experience. I couldn’t move for like 30 minutes, I threw up a lot, eventually passed out and when I woke up my throat was sore and I had a killer headache. Most people wouldn’t touch this stuff again afterward, and I almost didn’t, however I tried it again (less than half of the first amount) and had a pretty decent experience. This stuff has a pretty mild taste to it and has a super relaxing effect, similar to that of cannabis, however it is completely legal in America (for now?) and is definitely worth trying while it’s around. Overall: 8.5/10 Definitely worth trying out, just BE CAREFUL! I don’t encourage anyone under the age of 18 to smoke. *Update: Apparently I won the contest they had a while back for Barely Legal reviews, but I never received a prize or heard from the owner of the site.

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52 Responses to “kush herbal incense review”

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  14. airsoftmatt14 says:

    You payed way too much. Got 11g for 26.99$ soo idk somebody ripped ur ass. I got that and the new chocolate kush 2.5g chocolate is amazing!

  15. LazyKProductions420 says:

    I got all 3 flavors of the kush yesterday 2.5g ea. we all smoked a bowl of the 3 of us we where high but nothing extreem

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  26. rayray7705 says:

    i live in Florida and barley legal is the only type i tried…. and i was messed up i never tried it before and i took 4 hits, damn it was crazy… but do u recomend any?

  27. ThePandoh says:

    will this help with sleep?

  28. MrGreg830 says:

    been using an AM-2201 blend for months now…. at first i controlled a possible freak out.. weeks longer, the same amount was just “trippy”. Now months later nothing really happens unless I have 3+ grams… Is this my immunity or u think their blend has been weak lately?

    any advice appreciated

  29. softtacos says:

    fuck i just threw up cause this shits so nosty i am going to stick with Da Brand white Widow only

  30. softtacos says:

    i just bought some and its not sticky it just clumps together, ans it taste like shit

  31. portisheadjovi says:

    @PersianWarrior2009 i live in san antonio bro.. i know of a few stores where i can find 10g klimax for 25 i can also find space, kush and headtrip.. you probably do to you just need to become a regular at the store and get to know the owner.. thats how i do it.. im so chill with them that they call me and tell me when a new shipment is in or save a few bags for me..just like drugs man u just need the connect lol

  32. PersianWarrior2009 says:

    @portisheadjovi bro I live in Austin and every fucking store I go to has told me they dont sell Klimax anymore, where do you live?

  33. BlazzedOn1 says:

    I N C E N S E C A F E . C O M

  34. bonz420187 says:

    Hey guys check out the “Incense Freaks review” – We are adding new reviews now and I think you will find our reviews to be genuine and consistant!

  35. corpusWEST says:

    Can u review High Octane , Iv got some on the way. Maya is pretty strong , have u reviewed it ?

  36. pac21989 says:

    i can not fuckin’ believe i bought a $10 3gram bag of this at my local bodega and i took 3 big pulls and was high. i havent smoked pot in 2 years but this stuff gave me a pot high though…crazy

  37. portisheadjovi says:

    i live in texas and most of the stores down here have k.l.i.m.a.x. i was wondering if you have tried it.. and did you enjoy it

  38. MrHomeMadeToker says:

    @chocochocobo08 Mmm, not really, no.

  39. chocochocobo08 says:

    Yooo I have a very important question, well in my opinion an important question, you see one of the most important aspects of smoking the good ol, mary jane shall we call it, is the munchies. Now Before I buy this stuff i’d just like to know, does barely legal incence give you the munchies?

  40. ajb021096 says:

    I smoke spice on the weekends which gives me a 5 day t.b. although there really isn’t much of a tolerance to build up to spice. Around 3-5 seconds after taking the first hit it hits you pretty hard….after a couple hours you get very tired.

  41. JasonFrameDungeon says:

    First time I smoked it I rolled up a blunt.. smoked it all.. and smoke my ass off.. it made me strip on cam to over 500+ gay dudes for money. Made $100.

  42. ThEC0H0StER says:

    Always the first trip is the worst I kno I been there and had the same trip but u have to regulate the amount of it u smoke just a very small amount will do it if u keep it in then wait like ten minutes if u dnt fell it do it again but another small hit . If you smoke large amounts of any type of k2 incense it WILL be like the first time you did it. ALSO DO NOT SMOKE k2 if u have any type of health problems.

  43. 993leo says:

    Dude i had a fucking trip out yesterday and it was my first time but i burned 5 times what u smoked ur first time but that’s cuz i was with friends i freaked out man i passed out for 10 minutes so my friends woke me up then soon after that i puked and passed out again woke up like 30min later and the bad trip had left and all i had was a buzz and head ache. this is my warning if ur gonna fuck with this shit know ur limit or just stick to weed!

  44. julianoge says:

    @Freedom2Morocco we’d have to move to amsterdam or cali for that, 🙂

  45. aLocoCooKoo says:

    I had jwh “herbal salvation ” and 2 mice got into it and ate it and died.

  46. DWIWindsands says:

    How does it compare to smoking haze hydro etc?

  47. beastblood980 says:

    @moronwithcomputer dont knock it til you try it money wise it gets you way higher for your dollar and its legal so the cops cant do shit

  48. beastblood980 says:

    that AM-2201 is bad news bro I straight up saw a bunch of skulls and an astronaut with the lunar lander in my puke lol

  49. moronwithcomputer says:

    people who smoke this shit are idiots.I’ll smoke it when it has THC in it

  50. iamthatrapper says:

    barely legal sucks get fairly legal its alot better just dont smoke too much of it. a couple of hits will suffice, and cloud nine is one of the better tasting mild ones.

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