How to Pass a Drug Test for Weed – How To Dilute WITHOUT Getting Flagged By The Lab

CLICK HERE: How to pass a drug test with dilution, WITHOUT getting flagged by the lab. If you smoke pot, you probably already know about passing a drug test with dilution. But unfortunately, what you *think* you know is probably wrong. There’s only so much info you can fit in a video, but my website is loaded with details on exactly how to pass a drug test for weed, so stop by and check it out. I’ve also got the latest info there on how to pass a saliva test, in case you’re gonna be given a mouth swab instead of a urine test. But the vast majority of smokers will be given urine drug tests, and there’s been a lot of false information passed around about dilution for a long time. When it’s done right, it’s is still the MOST effective way to pass a drug test, hands down. But only if you do it the RIGHT way… If you’re desperate to pass a drug test, you might be tempted to spend a wad of cash on a commercial detox product. But let me tell ya, they’ve got a lousy track record. I work for a major health food store chain that sells a lot of detox kits, so I know what a rip-off they are. Believe it or not, diluting enough to test negative really isn’t that hard to do. For most folks, the HARDEST part is hiding their dilution from the testing lab. Because if they see that your specimen is diluted, you’ll either have to take your test over (if you’re lucky), or you might even get an automatic fail. I’ve never used a detox drink or kit or anything like

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27 Responses to “How to Pass a Drug Test for Weed – How To Dilute WITHOUT Getting Flagged By The Lab”

  1. TIPFAN4Lyfe says:


  2. pinkpunkkid90 says:

    I have a really great way to pass your drug test that works 100% of the time………….DON’T DO DRUGS YOU RETARDS

  3. xXAnthony619Xx says:

    @cruelguy1 Hahaha XD

  4. nintendokillsOoO says:

    i put a small drop of bleach in my urine, and i smoked the night before and got the job.

  5. FatalSensation says:

    1 Hit Marijuana Gets out of your system in 24 hours usually depending how much you smoke. If you smoke once a month or so a small smoke session gets out of your system 3-5 Days. Remember though that more hits you take, it doubles the amount 3-5 days when it would actually get out. Also what helps for passing UAs, water, beer, Vitamin B6 and B12., Sweating it out is the best, so sex, masterbating, helps a lot too. So remember 3-5 Days usually for 1-3 hits, and it doubles more you take.

  6. JustAEmoFreak says:

    @TheDuds2010 u can use toe warmers.

  7. Billie0402 says:

    FYI–any employer that has a DRUG-FREE Workplace CAN have your urine test supervised! They can have reasonable suspicion and someone can and will watch the urine leave your body into the cup! This is what I do everyday–I could care less what people do in their spare time but if your gonna cheat at least be suave about it! Most cheaters give themselves away! Good luck!

  8. cruelguy1 says:

    @TheDuds2010 well howd that go ? lmfao

  9. TheDuds2010 says:

    How do i keep my piss warm? I have a test tomorrow and have a friend who will piss for me 20 mins before the test. Urgent reply is needed thanks

  10. johne7289 says:

    Dude just a Fyi, I have passed SO many UA’s with Certo! For you to say it doesnt work is ludicrous.

  11. MCML89 says:

    wat if i am 5’10” 120 lbs. super fast metabolism, very active all the time. stopped smoking for only 36 hours before test. within the first 24 hours i did a couple extremmmme workouts and sweated a shit load. like never before. i pissed like 10 pure clean times that day. i happened to get sick that night before the test (throwup, diahria) all night. and i sweated alot. before the test i drank as much water as my weak stomach cud take. my piss was normal color for the test. think i passed ??????

  12. ST8CPT says:

    I passed diluting my pee at my job. Just before u take a urine test, chug a bunch of water til ur pee turns clear. Trust me

  13. DJBouti9909 says:


  14. BaronDMc says:

    I remember i had a urine test for my P.O and i’d actually stopped smoking weed for several months so i knew i was clean, some old hag was watching me piss and for some reason lil baron got stage fright so i drank a shit load of water. They called me up and said i was clean but i had drunk alot of water i was like “yeah i know” end of story pfft.

  15. Dankstar326 says:

    @elpoetasalinas spice SUCKS!!!!!!!and is dangerous-thats why its illegal now

  16. Dankstar326 says:

    @Imakeplanesboom i have a very sexy uni-ur comment was mean even though u couldnt offend me

  17. DrugTestDiva says:

    @Rand0mManic, you’re right that over hydration can be dangerous. But ONLY if your blood sodium levels get too low. Which is why my instructions for diluting include very specific advice on how to prevent that from happening. As long as someone has normal kidney function, & they get enough sodium, dilution is perfectly safe.

  18. CardezzyK says:

    @surexin only if u play sports or ur in any after school activitysother wise they cant

  19. Rand0mManic says:

    There is a serious concern with drinking lots of water. Over hydration is far more dangerous than smoking weed.

    People die from over hydration. Yes overdrinking water is much much more dangerous then consuming too much weed.

    Better to be jobless than dead, or is the weed really worth it? Sometimes to some people, both weed and getting the job is worth such risks.

    Play it safe, and do the right thing for you. We all count on people making their choices the right choice..

  20. toxicwaste08300 says:

    water and Crandberry juice will do the trick or Drink a whole jar of pickle juice

  21. ortega9998 says:

    A bottle of viniger. half the night before and half the day of.

  22. haru63 says:

    ) take the other vitamins and slam some water. All they’re testing for is density, temp, color, and if you have creatine in you’re urine. Vitamins, water, and NO exercise. I’ve passed two at home tests this way, each 40$ from Walgreens. I hope this helps; try it yourself before taking a serious test, i’m 6’1, 132 LB and have very little body fat. It works for me, try it yourself!

  23. haru63 says:

    LISTEN. This bullshit will NEVER work: Niacin, Cranberry ANYTHING, detox, anything that you don’t MAKE YOURSELF will NOT work. You need to analyze what vitamins are in you’re urine naturally; and go buy them at a supplement shop. About FIVE hours before a test, slam water and piss all your yellow out until white. Keep doing this until about two hours before your test. Take the vitamins you bought, keep pissing (you’ll see its yellow) It’ll get white again after ONE piss. RIGHT BEFORE (10 minutes

  24. Imakeplanesboom says:

    0:07 almost threw up. DISGUSTING UNIBROW

  25. Babspace says:

    @MegaNaziman Not really. For the privilege of playing on the school’s team, you agree not to do drugs. You failed thetest, *they* didn’t fail you.

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