Herbal Cleanse – AdvoCare Product Review

Personal Trainer Brad Nelson reviews the Herbal Cleanse by AdvoCare. Herbal Cleanse is… – colon, kidney, liver cleanse system – whole body detoxification – kickstarts weight loss – both a fiber drink you mix with water & capsules & tablets Buy Herbal Cleanse Here: www.BuyAdvoCareHerbalCleanse.com

www.ultimatefitbodybootcamp.com Local women lost 20lbs in 10days using an Herbal Cleanse from Advocare and went on to loose a total of 75lbs going from 210 to 135lbs.

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8 Responses to “Herbal Cleanse – AdvoCare Product Review”

  1. Treyvlog says:

    i am doing another one now. first three days i felt great

  2. cutiemama1000 says:

    I just purchased this product through a friend can’t wait to get it!

  3. Monteleone1973 says:

    I too used this cleanse and can attest that what Brad is saying is 100% correct! When I did this cleanse, I was 112lbs…I don’t eat meat, fried foods, sweets or much dairy and after doing this cleanse, I still lost 11lbs and feel amazing! I have tons of energy and I sleep better… I encourage everyone to try this product, as well as others from AdvoCare. Everyone in my family uses at least 1 AdvoCare product on a daily basis.

  4. advocareja says:

    the only products that should be recomended

  5. ohiotrue says:

    I will give it a try. Time to clean the pipes!

  6. redn54 says:

    I am a new advocare advisor, and have just finished my first cleanse, everything you are saying is right on the money this is one of the best products i have ever used!

  7. SheSez says:

    and it should ready, “A local woman”, not local women. Women is the plural form of woman. I’m not judging, I’m just saying, make yourself look like you have some credibility.

  8. SheSez says:

    LOSE a total of 75 lbs… not LOOSE. Please change it so that it doesn’t reflect poorly on Advocare.