Fire Herbal Incense Review

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Review of FHI done by the HomeMade Toker! I highly recommend this as a first-time incense for people who have never tried incense. Link to FHI website: Link to FHI’s youtube: Overall: 7.5/10 This is a really nice, mild blend that gives you a pretty nice intense 30 minute head high. Pretty relaxing, good for beginners!

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22 Responses to “Fire Herbal Incense Review”

  1. dirtywhitecloud says:


  2. xoxylordx says:

    she turns the cam off and smokes real weed. 😀 jk nice vid

  3. cvd13ent says:

    u dont sound stupid u sound like ud be fun to be around!

  4. cvd13ent says:

    ur awesome

  5. gamerfreek2 says:

    ur inhaling the butane from the lighter, let the H.I. burn beaner

  6. youaremyoffspring says:

    I mean prior to the Blue Ocean shit we would always joke about shit on the news and just dismiss it. And whenever we’d smoke we’d be all like, “Wanna get some chest pains?” LOL!
    And we’d always refer to spice as chest pains. Rarely ever actually calling it spice.

    Now it can make you go deaf, well blue ocean anyways. And I’ve seriously fucked up my tolerance for cannabinoids. Like everyones weed called cat piss/kush or whatever you call it just flat out sucks! Think I gotta quit for awhile.

  7. youaremyoffspring says:

    If you ever come across some shit called Blue Ocean. Stay away from it!

    Me and my buddy smoked it and I’m not even lying it makes you go deaf in your left ear for awhile.

    These newer spices are not cannabinoids and might actually be kinda dangerous.

    Additionally, I like how they push so hard to have legislation to have these banned and yet alcohol is legal and seriously fucks people’s shit up way more than any designer drug could do.

    They should just let it be!

  8. stublime0138 says:

    I stumbled across your reviews and because of them I ordered from Fire Herbal today. They have 3 new products, a stronger herb, stronger chocolate, and a stronger kief. Nice wit and humor. 

  9. JesusPuppet says:

    With all the “review” videos on H.I., I wish there would be some other vlogs or something like that to watch.

  10. cyberdog122 says:

    relaxed and goofy!!! lol : )

  11. cheezynutsac says:

    cool review/vlog i like when you do these
    keep it up!

  12. MrHomeMadeToker says:

    @MrGreg830 I received samples months ago that I’ve been meaning to review

  13. MrGreg830 says:

    Got a Lebanese Chocolate sample… very good…. any review coming?

  14. MrHomeMadeToker says:

    @72awesomeman hey there, you can try fire herbal incense, they have cheap, mild herbal incense blends and offer free shipping i think.

  15. 72awesomeman says:

    yo man whts good im wondering wht do u recamend for a beginner i would like some thing mild p.s love you revews

  16. cj68plus1 says:

    oh my lord did you see how he was burning it? THE WEB PAGE SAYS NOT TOO INHALE IT.ITS NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION your obvously doing it wrong

    lol jk im soo high right now but realy great vid ima check this stuff out sence the gass station neer my house stoped selling wicked xxx D

  17. MrHomeMadeToker says:

    @FireHerbalIncense No problem, you guys have a great product and great service!

  18. MrHomeMadeToker says:

    @ItsEViLDeD Thanks man! Yeah, it was some pretty decent stuff!

  19. ItsEViLDeD says:

    Fantastic review my brother!! i liked the fhi too!!!

  20. MrCigwatch says:

    im gettin the inferno to do a review bro sub to me

  21. MrHomeMadeToker says:

    @MedicalStoner Thanks a lot man!

  22. MedicalStoner says:

    I’m a new subscriber, but nice review!